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12/6/19 | Varsity Girls' Soccer FINAL
1 DeLand Bulldogs
1 at Sandalwood
12/4/19 | JV Girls' Soccer FINAL
2 University
0 vs. DeLand Bulldogs
12/4/19 | Varsity Girls' Soccer FINAL
3 University
2 vs. DeLand Bulldogs
12/2/19 | JV Girls' Soccer FINAL
6 Seminole
0 vs. DeLand Bulldogs
12/2/19 | Varsity Girls' Soccer FINAL
4 Seminole
3 vs. DeLand Bulldogs

Coaches Corner

Coach Danchuck I strive for success for both myself and my team. I train my team as individuals in a collective group. Every player learns on a different level, some may be more advanced. My idea is... Read More